Best brunch in Copenhagen: A Culinary Delight for Adventurous Travelers

13 januar 2024
Peter Mortensen


Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark, has become synonymous with culinary excellence and has a thriving brunch culture that caters to both locals and tourists alike. Brunch is an important part of Danish culture, and Copenhagen offers a plethora of options for the perfect mid-morning meal. Whether you are a food enthusiast, a tourist seeking delightful experiences, or a passionate brunch lover, this guide will provide you with all the essential information you need to explore the best brunch spots in Copenhagen.

A Historical Journey:


Brunch in Copenhagen has evolved significantly over the years, reflecting the city’s rich cultural heritage and influences from global food trends. The tradition of brunch in Denmark can be traced back to the mid-19th century when coffeehouses started serving late breakfast spreads to cater to the growing interest in leisurely meals. However, the concept of modern brunch as we know it today gained popularity in the 1980s as a result of the increasing influence of American culture on Danish cuisine. This fusion of traditional Danish elements with international flavors has shaped the brunch scene in Copenhagen, offering a unique and diverse range of options for brunch enthusiasts.

Exploring the Best Brunch Spots:


1.1 Café Glyptoteket: Nestled within the tranquil surroundings of The Glyptoteket Museum, this brunch spot offers a delightful combination of art and gastronomy. With a carefully curated menu featuring fresh ingredients sourced from local farms, Café Glyptoteket provides a wholesome brunch experience. Highlights include homemade pastries, artisanal bread, and a variety of unique smørrebrød, a traditional Danish open-faced sandwich.

1.2 Granola: Step into the vintage-inspired ambiance of Granola and savor the flavors of their delectable brunch offerings. Known for their delicious pancakes, fluffy omelets, and freshly baked goods, Granola has become a favorite among locals and tourists alike. The cozy atmosphere and impeccable service further enhance the overall dining experience.

1.3 Mad & Kaffe: If you’re seeking a customizable brunch experience, Mad & Kaffe is the place to be. This trendy café allows you to create your own brunch platter by selecting from a range of small dishes. From avocado toast to bacon-wrapped dates, you can curate a brunch that suits your taste preferences. The vibrant atmosphere and Instagrammable presentation make Mad & Kaffe a must-visit spot for brunch enthusiasts.

1.4 La Glace: For those with a sweet tooth, La Glace is an excellent choice. Established in 1870, this historic pastry shop offers a brunch experience like no other. Indulge in their famous Danish pastries, such as wienerbrød and kagemand, paired with a cup of aromatic coffee. The old-world charm of the café and the rich flavors of their pastries create a truly nostalgic brunch experience.

2. Pro tips for the perfect brunch experience:

2.1 Be prepared for queues: The popular brunch spots in Copenhagen tend to attract long queues, especially during weekends. To avoid disappointment and ensure a seamless experience, it is advisable to arrive early or make a reservation in advance.

2.2 Explore beyond the city center: While the city center boasts numerous excellent brunch spots, don’t be afraid to venture into the neighborhoods of Vesterbro, Nørrebro, and Østerbro. These areas offer hidden gems that provide unique and authentic brunch experiences.

2.3 Embrace the Danish concept of hygge: Danish culture values coziness and enjoying the simple pleasures of life. When indulging in brunch in Copenhagen, embrace the concept of hygge by relishing the warmth of the café ambiance, engaging in meaningful conversations, and savoring each bite consciously.


Brunch in Copenhagen has metamorphosed into a gastronomic adventure, promising a blend of traditional Danish flavors with international influences. From historic cafes to trendy spots, the city caters to all culinary preferences. These brunch establishments not only tantalize your taste buds but also offer a glimpse into Copenhagen’s rich cultural heritage. So, whether you’re a passionate foodie or an adventurous traveler, exploring the best brunch spots in Copenhagen is an experience not to be missed. Plan your brunch journey today and delight in the flavors that the Danish capital has to offer.


Hvorfor er brunch så populært i København?

Brunch er blevet populært i København, da det giver indbyggerne og besøgende mulighed for at nyde en afslappet og lækker morgenmadsoplevelse. København er kendt for sin madscene, og brunch er en perfekt mulighed for at kombinere det bedste fra morgenmad og frokost i en hyggelig atmosfære.

Hvordan har brunchscenen udviklet sig i København over tid?

Brunchscenen i København startede som en amerikansk trend, men har siden udviklet sig til at omfavne lokale danske madtraditioner og fusionere dem med internationale smagsoplevelser. I dag kan man opleve et væld af forskellige brunchstile og retter, der afspejler Københavns gastronomiske mangfoldighed.

Hvad er nogle af de bedste brunchsteder at besøge i København?

Der er mange fremragende brunchsteder i København, men nogle af vores top anbefalinger inkluderer [Restaurant/café navn], [Restaurant/café navn] og [Restaurant/café navn]. Disse steder tilbyder en bred vifte af lækre retter og skaber en unik brunchoplevelse, der passer til enhver smag.

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